Venue Information

Plenary session

«Pivdennij-EXPO» modern exhibition and conference center, 36 Schiretskaya Str., Lviv, Ukraine.

Sectional sessions / Panels

The Recreation Complex «BUKHTA VIKINGIV», 14 Lisova Str., Stare Selo village, Lviv region, Ukraine, http://viking.com.ua/en/contacts.

The Conference “DSMP’2018” will take place at the Recreation Complex «BUKHTA VIKINGIV» which is situated at Lviv suburbs (12 km away from Lviv, Stare Selo village, Lviv region, Ukraine). This SPA Complex has an area of 12 hectares and it is located at an ecological forest area. There are 3 lakes, cottages, hotel rooms, and lots of different entertainment resources.

You can go by bus Lviv-Bakivtsi, Lviv-Vybranivka, Lviv-Vidnyky, or Lviv-Gryniv to Stare Selo village from a bus station №5 (5 Luganska Str., Lviv, Ukraine).

Travel Information

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Detailed information about Lviv you can find on Lviv Convention Bureau, Lviv Official City Travel Site

How to get to Lviv

rail-neg By Rail

Lviv Railway Station
Address: 1 Dvirtseva sq., Lviv, Ukraine
Website: http://www.uz.gov.ua/en/passengers/timetable/
You can buy tickets online using the official booking service of Ukrainian Railways: http://booking.uz.gov.ua/en/

plane-neg By Plane

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv
Address: 168 Lubinska str., Lviv, Ukraine
Website: http://lwo.aero/en
You can buy tickets online using the booking service https://tickets.ua/en

bus-neg By Bus

Lviv Bus Station
Many regular bus routes in Western Ukraine (both direct or transit) run to Lviv from virtually every city, town or village.
Address: 109 Stryiska str., Lviv, Ukraine
Website (bus shedule): http://bus.com.ua/460100/1/time.html
You can buy tickets online using various booking service https://bus.tickets.ua/en

car-neg By Car

If you travel to Lviv by your own car, it will be best for you to follow E-40 International Highway (from the western border to Lviv it is M-11 Ukrainian Highway, and from Kyiv it is M-06).
E-50 International Highway and its part E573 may also suit you, especially if you are travelling from the direction of Hungary. Speed limit within towns and cities is 60 km/h.
In all other areas it is usually set to 90 km/h, but we still recommend following the road signs carefully.

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