Oleg Novosad

Chief Executive Officer, Severenity
Senior Mobile Engineer, SoftServe
Lecturer, IT Step University
(Lviv, Ukraine)

Topic: "Location-based procedural generation of augmented reality portals"

Ambitious and innovative, always looking for new ways of applying existing technologies at the new manner. More than 5 years’ practical experience in Mobile, VR/AR and Game industries. Master’s degree in System Programming. Started programming since 2003 building websites for local network. Finished Lviv Polytechnic in 2013, in parallel working simultaneously in IT as a web developer and as an entrepreneur. Starting middle 2013 is working as a full stack Software Engineer at SoftServe, basically working on healthcare projects. Published two Android applications and started designing the startup project in parallel in 2014. Started his startup Severenity in February 2016 and made an extreme pivot of the startup in June, 2017, changing the goal and idea of the project to be the platform with location-based, augmented reality and fitness tasks and quests in every city in the world. Currently is working on two projects at SoftServe, driving the team of more than 10 people in the startup and teaching at IT Step University.