Venue Information

August 21, 2018

«Pivdennyi-EXPO» modern exhibition and conference center, 36 Schyretska Str., Lviv, Ukraine.

Map of «Pivdennyi-EXPO».

August 22-25, 2018

Recreation complex “KRYVE OZERO”, 34 Zelena, srt, Novoyavorivsk, Lviv Region, Ukraine http://kryveozero.com/en/.

Map of recreation complex “KRYVE OZERO”.

You can go by many buses to Novoyavorivsk from a bus station №4 (105 Shevchenko Str., Lviv) or a bus station №8 (Railway station, 1 Dvirtseva Square, Lviv)

You can pose all questions on the accommodation to Local Organizing Committee Chair Taras Rak
E-mail: rak.taras74@gmail.com
Phone: +380676739064

Travel Information

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Detailed information about Lviv you can find on Lviv Convention Bureau, Lviv Official City Travel Site

How to get to Lviv

rail-neg By Rail

Lviv Railway Station
Address: 1 Dvirtseva sq., Lviv, Ukraine
Website: http://www.uz.gov.ua/en/passengers/timetable/
You can buy tickets online using the official booking service of Ukrainian Railways: http://booking.uz.gov.ua/en/

plane-neg By Plane

Danylo Halytskyi International Airport Lviv
Address: 168 Lubinska str., Lviv, Ukraine
Website: http://lwo.aero/en
You can buy tickets online using the booking service https://tickets.ua/en

bus-neg By Bus

Lviv Bus Station
Many regular bus routes in Western Ukraine (both direct or transit) run to Lviv from virtually every city, town or village.
Address: 109 Stryiska str., Lviv, Ukraine
Website (bus shedule): http://bus.com.ua/460100/1/time.html
You can buy tickets online using various booking service https://bus.tickets.ua/en

car-neg By Car

If you travel to Lviv by your own car, it will be best for you to follow E-40 International Highway (from the western border to Lviv it is M-11 Ukrainian Highway, and from Kyiv it is M-06).
E-50 International Highway and its part E573 may also suit you, especially if you are travelling from the direction of Hungary. Speed limit within towns and cities is 60 km/h.
In all other areas it is usually set to 90 km/h, but we still recommend following the road signs carefully.

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